Soft Auctions


We have provided some help and advice on how to setup a club or auction on this website.

1. You need to register and login first, we do need a valid email address.
2. (once logged in) Use the `Create a Club` link on right hand side to define your club or charity. You will need a description and a header logo image. This will be used to personalise your site.
3. Use the `My Details` section to adminster your details, Clubs and Auctions.
4. Creat an Auction specifying the Start and End Dates
5. Add Items to auction and additionally upload pictures for each item.
6. Once the start time is reached the system will automatically start your auction
7. Bids enterred will be registered. The bidder will receive an email and the auction owner will also be infomed of the bid.
8. People who have been outbid will also receive an email indicating they have been outbid.
9. At the end of the auction time, the auction will be closed and winning bidder will be informed for each item.
10. Contact the auction owner to arrange payment and pick of of item(s).

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