Soft Auctions

General Rules

We have some guidelines on how the auction will run. Be aware that each club may have their own additional rules.

The bidding process on this site has been kept very simple. It is intended to allow you to register a bid for items that you are interested in. You need to be registered and logged into the site to make a bid.

If you are interested in a bid then select the BID button and enter the amount, your email will be used as reference for the item (your email will not be seen by anyone). You will be emailed details of your bid and if you are currently the highest bidder. You will also be emailed should someone else places a higher bid. Each item shows the list of current bids, the persons location and date/time bid submitted. We are not showing the bidders real name, just their location.

Note: Each auction can have an option set by the Auction Organiser, that means you must have placed a bid at least one hour before the auction close to be able to place a bid within the last hour of an auction (unless there are currently no bids already). This is to prevent new bidders hanging back until the last few seconds of an auction.

By the nature of the site its possible that bids be submitted that may well default, so it is possible that even as a second bidder you may win an auction..

Should you win the item, either from the website or at the Sportsmans Dinner, you will have to collect it. We will not be collecting money through the site, you will receive a final confirmation email indicating your winning bid.

Bids of the same amount will not be allowed by the system, but should it happen, then the bids with the earliest bid having precedence. Final bids for all items may occur at the Sportspersons Dinner.

Attempting to break or hack into our website will mean instant dismissal and shutdown of your auction site.

The decision of the organisers in relation to successful bids is final. This web site has no responsibility for any item placed on the web site, please ensure the authenticity of the item before making payment.

Please check the specific club or charity rules as they will take precedence over any outline rules for the web site.

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